Author: Erika Berg Managing Director, Pandrol AB

Fastclip FE System adds value in Scandinavia

Over the last few years the drive towards lower carbon emissions in the production of goods has resulted in increased demand for environmentally-friendly products. To meet this demand, Pandrol has innovated within its range to design products that use less material, whilst delivering equal or better performance and with lower Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Norway has long been an early adopter of Pandrol’s innovative fastenings and its national railway, Bane Nor, first switched to the Fastclip FE from Fastclip FC in 2011/12. The FE fastening system is now used on mixed traffic tracks, from high speed, standard passenger trains right through to heavy haul. Norway has now moved completely to using the FE System, in all its new tracks through a combination of engineering integrity, value for money and its environmental benefits.

Since then, Denmark, via BaneDanmark, adopted the patented FE System for its prestigious new high speed line Copenhagen – Ringsted. This was closely followed by Sweden also adopting the patented FE System which offers the same major benefits as a result of being lighter in weight and enabling a quick and straightforward installation and being environmentally sustainable.

In all three countries, Pandrol has worked very closely with the sleeper makers to bring the product to market.

Lower carbon emissions

Through careful design, application of new manufacturing techniques and use of green energy sources where possible, Pandrol’s new FE System reduces the amount of raw material consumed, the energy required to manufacture them and their associated transportation costs. Use of the FE System means a 30% saving in CO2 emissions when compared to the FC fastening system.

FE has an innovative design which means it is less prone to damage by on-track equipment, due to the fact that it sits lower on the tie. Handling and transportation is improved due to the fact that it is lighter in weight. The FE System is a value engineered project which has been proven to deliver strong results in life cycle cost analysis.

Speed and efficiency is a major factor in the Scandinavian infrastructure market and use of Fastclip FE in combination with Pandrol’s Clip Driver(s) means that 1.5 miles of track can be covered in one hour. The installation process is therefore speeded up significantly. This is further enhanced by the Fastclip FE being delivered to track pre-assembled on the sleeper.

Erika Berg

Managing Director, Pandrol AB

Working together

Pandrol held a training day in Sweden in 2017, which was attended by railway maintenance teams and contractors from across Scandinavia, to provide a better insight into the benefits of the clip to facilitate a smoother transition to the Fastclip FE System. The event demonstrated how Pandrol ensure customers achieve the best possible service value from their fastening products.