Pandrol’s innovative ‘RE’ Fastening System shortlisted for two awards

Pandrol’s new ‘RE’ SYSTEM, which dramatically reduces re-railing time for concrete ties, has been shortlisted in the Product Innovation category of the prestigious UK Rail Industry Awards (UKRIA) and the Technical Innovation category in the Rail Business Awards.


The Pandrol ‘Re’ SYSTEM was selected from amongst hundreds of entries for its time and efficiency savings as it minimizes track infrastructure downtime and allows more work to be done within a single possession, as well as enhancing the safety, ergonomics and efficiency of the contractors undertaking the re-railing work.

Gavin Livie, UK Market Manager at Pandrol, explains: “The ‘Re’ SYSTEM is a rail fastening innovation that has been designed to increase the output rates during the re-railing process, as well as improving the longevity and durability of rail fastening components on older types of concrete tie.

“We are delighted that the ‘Re’ SYSTEM has been shortlisted in these industry leading awards.  It will bring huge benefits to rail track operators as it has been proven in trials to reduce installation time by as much as 35 per cent, as well as significantly reducing the number of components required. Another benefit is that very little product training is required for installation of the ‘Re’ SYSTEM, which can also be retrofitted on existing Pandrol e-clip and PR clip concrete ties.”
He adds: “We expect that with increasing adoption of the new system, there will be a significant contribution to reducing the cost of maintaining the railway network both in the UK and globally.”


The ‘Re’ SYSTEM features a composite pad which centralizes the rail in the rail seat during the threading and clipping process. The flexibility of the ‘Re’ SYSTEM also means that rail pads can be provided in different materials and stiffness where required, such as EVA, or studded rubber.

The ‘Re’ SYSTEM follows the design of the Pandrol FASTCLIP System in providing a two-part electrical insulator concept, but reduces the number of components from five per rail seat to just three: two Pandrol Re clips with integral toe insulator and one rail pad with integral side post insulators.

The final awards event for the UK Rail Industry Awards is set to take place on 22nd March 2018 at Battersea Evolution in London and for the Rail Business Awards at London Hilton Hotel on Park Lane on February 22nd.