Pandrol’s narrow gauge Hy-Rail system in Sweden

Swedish rail contracting company Rosenqvist Entreprenad has become the first company in Sweden to use a road rail machine with a Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) system on the narrow gauge transit line Roslagsbanan in Stockholm.

Pandrol has worked closely with Rosenqvist Entreprenad to fit two Volvo EWR150E 15 ton medium wheeled excavators with narrow gauge 891 mm rail axles. Pandrol’s rail road conversion is a heavy duty attachment which enables the heaviest excavators to work in railway environments. All movement is controlled from the driver’s cabin, and the hydraulics work without the need for additional swivel implements. The machine has two modes of operation: lifted up with the rubber wheels in contact with the rail wheels, or lowered down onto the rail with the rubber wheels running on the rail with the rail wheels used as guide wheels.

Rosenqvist Entreprenad is actively working to develop safety-orientated practices, innovative tools, and methods that maximise worksite safety, so to use a RCI system which limits the height, slew and load for excavators, preventing hazardous conditions, was an obvious choice even though such as system was not required for work on Roslagsbanan.

Reine Svartberg, Chief Engineer at Rosenqvist Entreprenad, stated:

“Given the long standing relationship between Rosenqvist Entreprenad and Pandrol, as well as the fact that we know that Pandrol has the expertise to design, manufacture and calibrate a product like this, made the choice of Pandrol as a supplier very easy.”

The Rated Capacity Indicator Hy-Rail system together with the Pandrol Hy-Rail system offers a safe and efficient road rail machine on any line.