Pandrol’s On-Tie Beams contribute to infrastructure renovations in Stockholm

The bottleneck railway in the centre of Stockholm is an integral part of Sweden’s rail network and is one of the busiest routes in the entire country, with an average of one train passing every three minutes. The existing infrastructure was built in the 1950s and was not designed to accommodate the scope of modern traffic. Therefore, the ongoing renovation project is necessary to meet today and tomorrow’s demand for reliable and sustainable transportation.

Implenia Sverige AB were first awarded this project in April 2017. The contract includes the renovation of a 2 km long railway line and the replacement and repair of heavy structures such as bridges and tunnels. Five railway bridges and two pedestrian bridges as well as both the Riddarholm and Söder tunnels will be renovated to meet the requirements.

Pandrol’s On-Tie Beams have been used for the anchorage of the balise transponders onto the rail. The On-Tie Beam is attached to the rail foot which allows for quick installation as no drilling into the ties is necessary, which in turn reduces the track access time needed. The On-Tie Beams are easy to move and are available for most types of tracks, making them an ideal solution for installing Automatic Train Protection systems.