Fastening Installation Equipment

Clip Driver CD400SP IQ

The CD400SP IQ is our second generation walk-behind clipping machine, following the original CD400SP.

This robust and reliable self-propelled machine now has an EU Stage 5 diesel engine from Hatz and a new intelligent control system. The CD400SP IQ logs the machine’s operational history so the owner can see the running hours and number of clips installed, whilst also monitoring the error log. The machine installs 4 clips simultaneously across two rails and has a sleeper lift function for new construction projects.


Technical Features

  • Suitable for use with Pandrol Fastclip, Pandrol e-Clip, Pandrol PR-clips (PR400 series) and Heyback (clipping), depending on the choice of tool
  • The control system logs operations including work hours and the number of clips installed
  • Uses a diagnostics system to offer smarter maintenance, repair, and testing functionality
  • Available with GPS for efficient tracking
  • Uses a wireless control panel


  • The EU Stage 5 diesel engine offers greater fuel efficiency whilst reducing emissions and noise
  • Increases the efficiency of track installation and maintenance activities
  • The CD400SP IQ can be lifted during transportation to prevent collision with ties and shoulders
  • Automatic clipping of Pandrol Fastclip using the proximity sensors, which are operated via the control panel
  • The guiding rollers centre the machine in work mode for optimum precision

Key Facts

Weight Approx. 3075 kg (6780 lb). Total weight with tools for Pandrol Fastclip, e-clip & sleeper lift
Dimensions Length: 3150 mm Width: 2100 mm
Track gauge 1600 mm / 1435 mm / 1000 mm
Rail wheels Standard UIC-profile Ø 250 mm
Clipping / unclipping 4 clips per cycle
Tie lifting height 350 mm
Electrical system 24 V
Hydraulic system LS system, 200 bar maximum
Engine Hatz Diesel 3H50T 18,4 kW
Diesel tank 70 litres
Hydraulic tank 70 litres
Braking distance Normal mode: 300 mm, High speed mode: 1900 mm
Noise at 1 metre Full throttle on drive side 78 dB (A), Full throttle on brake side 76 dB (A)
Fastening Installation Equipment

Clip Driver CD400SP IQ