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Clip Driver CD400SP IQ

The CD400SP IQ is our second generation walk-behind clipping machine, following the original CD400SP.


Clip Driver CD400SP IQ product overview

This robust and efficient self-propelled machine now has an EU Stage 5 diesel engine from Hatz and a new intelligent control system.

  • The CD400SP IQ logs the machine’s operational history so the owner can see the running hours and number of clips installed, whilst also monitoring the error log
  • The machine installs 4 clips simultaneously across two rails and has a sleeper lift function for new construction projects.
  • The manoeuvring unit is now cordless to be more flexible for the operator

Benefits of Clip Driver CD400SP IQ



The EU Stage 5 diesel engine increases fuel efficiency, reduces emissions, and dramatically reduces noise.


Optimized production rate

Proximity sensors and automatic clipping function simplify the operation and help the operator to optimize the production rate.



Pandrol’s guiding rollers centre the machine in work mode for impressively precise work.



Uses a wireless control panel.

Technical features of Clip Driver CD400SP IQ


Compatible with a broad range of Pandrol clips

Suitable for use with the Pandrol Fastclip, the Pandrol e-Clip, and Pandrol PR-Clips (PR400 Series) there are a wide range of options for automatic clipping.


Whisper quiet operation

Operating at 78.5 decibels (at 1 metre) at full throttle, the CD400SP IQ is easily drowned out by ambient traffic noise (80Db).


Pandrol-quality systems

A reliable and robust machine that gets the work done. With Pandrol quality machinery, a reduced requirement for maintenance saves you time and money.


Transport mode

The machine can be lifted up into a transport mode to prevent collision with sleepers and shoulders.


Hydraulic system

Load sensing system that reduces the oil temperature and improves the life cycle of components.

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