Fastening Installation Equipment

Clip Driver CD100

The CD100 clipping machine is designed for clipping and declipping Pandrol Fastclips. Compact and lightweight, it is suitable for use by a single operator and can be easily carried onto site.

The CD100 is composed of three parts: a power pack and two clipping tools. As part of its ergonomic design, a weight-bearing wheel runs along the rail, dramatically reducing the physical strain on the operator. Although optimised for smaller clipping and declipping applications, the CD100 is versatile and can be coupled quickly and easily to other equipment. If required, it can lift sleepers up to 10mm.

This version is also available powered by battery, is suitable for use in tunnels and stations and in densely populated areas where working safely with low noise and clean air is a priority.

Technical Features

  • Designed with a quick connect interface, the patented CD100 comes in three modules: the power pack, the clipping tool and the declipping tool.
  • Compatible with Fastclip FC upto 1500 series of clips (15mm in diameter), Fastclip FE and FCX.
  • The powerful tool’s small size means the CD100 can be stored in the boot of a car and carried onto site by one person for quick intervention and reduced cost.
  • This small but strong tool can lift a sleeper up to 10 mm when the rail is not in contact, to guarantee a perfect mounting.
  • The CD100 is equipped with an adjustable handle and a weight-bearing wheel that runs along the rail to reduce physical strain on the operator.


  • The CD100’s compact, portable design means that it can be transported easily and used by a single operator, saving time and labour costs.
  • The machine’s ergonomic features, including adjustable handle, weight-bearing wheel and light weight, make it safer and more convenient for users.
  • The CD100 replaces the need for manual hand tools for small jobs, eliminating the risk of tools slipping and physical stress injuries.
  • The tool has been designed to be extremely versatile. It can be coupled to other equipment and is strong enough to lift a sleeper up to 10mm.

Key Facts

CD100 Clipping Tool
Code 110-0201
Weight 23 kg
Height 390 mm
Length 580 mm
Width 210 mm
Max working force 33 kN
Capacity 10 sleepers/min
CD100 Declipping Tool
Code 110-0058
Weight 25 kg
Height 400 mm
Length 560 mm
Width 270 mm
Max working force 23 kN
Capacity 10 sleepers/min
CD100 Power Unit
Code 5014188
Weight 18 kg
Height 400 mm
Length 480 mm
Width 260 mm
  • Network Rail: PA05/03211
  • SNCF: 06044