Fastening Installation Equipment

Clip Driver CD400

Pandrol’s Clip Driver CD400 is a robust, high-performance clipping machine that clips and unclips Pandrol Fastclips and e-Clips.

Clip Driver CD400 product overview

Attached to a railroad vehicle (RRV) and equipped with a sleeper lift, the Clip Driver CD400 can be used to raise low ties for new construction (Fastclip only), harnessing hydraulic power from the RRV.

  • The easily adjustable attachment has a durable frame structure that is fitted with high-quality bearings to ensure longevity and maintain performance levels.

Benefits of the Clip Driver CD400



Automation options and a user-friendly remote control panel ensure the machine is simple and intuitive to use.



The CD400 is extremely efficient. With its guiding roller ensuring precision and productivity, the machine can clip up to 40 ties per minute.



Covers and mechanical stop arms eliminate the risk of pinch injuries and prevent clips flying off, increasing the safety of operators.


Increases track longevity

The machine is constructed from high-quality parts, reducing the requirement for maintenance, increasing longevity and saving time and money over the course of its life.



Suitable for use with Pandrol e-Clip, Fastclip, Fastclip FE and Deenik, and adjustable for most common track gauges, the Clip Driver CD400 offers a versatile clipping option.



The Clip Driver CD400 is a reliable, robust machine that gets the work done.

Technical features of Clip Driver CD400



The Clip Driver CD400 fits tools for Pandrol e-Clip, Fastclip, Fastclip FE and Deenik and is adjustable for most common track gauges.


Automatic functions

With the option of being fitted with proximity sensors, the CD400 has an intuitive control panel that can be used to fasten clips automatically.


Guiding rollers

Guiding rollers centre the machine in work mode for impressive precision and productivity. Up to 40 Fastclip ties can be clipped per minute.


Attachment to RRV

The CD400 can be connected to a 13-ton carrier machine using an easily adjustable attachment. It then draws on hydraulic power from the RRV to lift sleepers.


Safety features

The Clip Driver has covers and mechanical stop arms to prevent pinch injuries and clips detaching.


Robust construction

For extra-long life, the Clip Driver CD400 has a durable frame structure and is equipped with high-quality, tapered roller bearings.

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