Fastening Installation Equipment

Clip Driver CD200 IQ

The CD200 IQ is an intelligent clipping machine and the first machine in Pandrol’s new IQ range, which use intelligent control systems to simplify operation. The new smart system can provide information on clips installed and number of operating hours, whilst also preventing incorrect use of the machine.

CD200 IQ adopts a modular design to enable it to be easily lifted on and off track and is lighter than previous models. It is simple to change between the two clipping tools for Fastclip and e-Clip, thanks to the mechanical and hydraulic quick connectors.

The CD200 IQ also has a patented built-in sleeper lift function, enabling the operator to lift low-lying sleepers of 50 mm. It is powered using a new power pack and a Honda engine.

Technical Features

  • Brand new intuitive control system with digital display
  • Modular lightweight design
  • Clips up to 20 sleepers per minute (Fastclip)
  • Honda petrol engine
  • Available with fail-safe mechanical brake option
  • Patented sleeper lift function for lift of low lying sleepers up to 50 mm


  • The intelligent control system simplifies operation and prevents misuse of the machine
  • The control system logs data on the quantity of clips installed and number of operating hours, allowing the user to monitor their on-track efficiency
  • Modular design reduces the weight and lifting requirements for users, making it easier to setup on track
  • Mechanical and hydraulic quick release couplings streamline changeover between Fastclip and e-Clip tools, reducing downtime

Key Facts

Length 2100 mm
Width 1980 mm
Height 1050 mm
Weight trolley 54 kg
Weight powerpack 103 kg
Weight Fastclip tool 97 kg
Weight e-Clip tool 115 kg
Fastening Installation Equipment

Clip Driver CD200 IQ