Fastening Installation Equipment

Clip Driver CD300 IQ

Clip Driver CD300 IQ is a high-production clipping machine designed to install Pandrol Fastclip FC and FE. Its low weight makes it suitable for use on smaller road-rail machines from 6 tonnes and upwards.

The intelligent control system monitors the operation of the machine and actively controls the clipping operation. The tools are based on proven technology used by Pandrol’s Clip Driver CD400, but the tools are folded up when not in use and thereby eliminate the risk of collision with fish plates and clips in the track.

The machine has a quick adjustment for various rail heights and guiding rollers ensure centering of the machine on track.

Technical Features

  • Combines time-tested technology of the CD400 with new functions and a newly designed control system
  • Compatible with Pandrol Fastclip FC and FE
  • Folds up the tools when not in use to avoid collision with fishplates, shoulders, clips etc
  • Quick adjustment for various rail heights (UIC60/U50)


  • The intelligent and intuitive control system automatically adjusts the clipping speed to correlate with the speed of the carrier machine
  • The system also ensures that tools are not activated in the wrong work mode, preventing damage to the machine and surrounding infrastructure
  • Can be used on road-rail machines as light as 6 tonnes
  • Can be set to clip up only one rail at the time if required

Key Facts

Technical Data
Width 2250 mm
Length 1730 mm
Height 1030 mm
Weight 975 kg
Wheels Ø 125 mm
Capacity Up to 40 sleepers/min
Fastening Installation Equipment

Clip Driver CD300 IQ