Project Case Study

Klang Valley MRT, Malaysia


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries




Metro & Depot

Track Length

Customer Challenge

The first phase of the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (KVMRT) project in Kuala Lumpur was recently completed. Here Pandrol developed and delivered the fastening systems for the 32 miles Sungai Buloh to Kajang Line.

The line starts at Sungai Buloh, located to the north-west of Kuala Lumpur and runs through the city center of Malaysia’s capital city before ending in Kajang, a fast-developing town to the south-east of the city.

Following a competitive tendering process, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) worked with Pandrol to propose compliant and cost effective solutions to the client. Pandrol’s technical team recommended its VIPA DRS fastening system for the mainline areas while its Vanguard system is used in specific areas. Both systems are designed to control of rail roll on curves, but the lower dynamic stiffness that the Pandrol Vanguard system provides an even greater level of attenuation of transmitted vibrations. Pandrol also delivered an integrated third rail solution which provides 750V DC power supply.

The completed KVMRT Metro features:

  • 32 miles of track
  • 400,000 passenger per day
  • 50 mph designed maximum speed
  • Rail type 60E1 (mainline) EN 50E1 (depot)

Pandrol Solution

The VIPA DRS fastening system is well proven in many metro projects worldwide. It offers a low vertical dynamic stiffness that leads to good levels of vibration isolation, and the proven technology of the Pandrol e-Clip. The baseplate system is easy to maintain and provides vertical and lateral adjustment capability.

As this was the first deployment of Vanguard in Malaysia, the Pandrol technical team supported the local team on-site with demonstrations on how to install and maintain this fastener.

The completed project will serve a local population estimated at 1.2 million people and is expected to carry approximately 400,000 passengers on four-car driverless trains, each with a capacity of 1200 people.

By its nature, metro tracks in tunnels or on viaducts can be more complex to install than ballast track on an open site. Pandrol’s technical team can advise on different construction methods, such as top-down wet pour, use of embedded blocks or ties, or pre-cast plinths or slabs. Pandrol products can offer a wide range of stiffnesses and adjustment capabilities.

Andy Slowe, product support engineer

This is just one in a series of recent and current metro projects that Pandrol has delivered in Asia, such as two large subway schemes, DTL and TSL, in Singapore, the Ho Chi Minh City Metro in Vietnam, the Red Line in Thailand, and Jakarta Metro in Indonesia.

Pandrol focuses its innovation on quality, safety and cost, which is why metro customers choose the company to design and manufacture new rail engineering technology. Pandrol’s aim is to generate increased productivity, reduced possession times and achieve improvements to railway and worker safety. Over the years, the company has developed a wide range of transit products to suit the diverse range of requirements set by rail authorities and contractors, adapting these to satisfy local, regional and global standards.

Using its technical expertise and dedicated product support teams, Pandrol can address specific design considerations, for example in relation to track structure interaction, corrosion protection, special track work, adjustability requirements, and many other particular needs of the client or contractor.

Pandrol’s continued involvement and technical support on this project is greatly appreciated. The solution met the requirements presented by some significant challenges where areas of track are subject to high vibration sensitivity and require a more innovative approach.

Mr Ito, KVMRT Trackworks Project Manager from MHI

Adding Value

"The VIPA DRS offers low vertical stiffness and is ideally suited to applications where this level of track support resilience is required."

Bringing power to the track

Through its joint venture company Railtech Alu Singen, Pandrol worked with MHI to develop and design the third rail system ensuring all interfaces, including rolling stock, track works, power supply and civil works, were considered. 

The system supplied by Pandrol focused on coextruded rail technology which has two key benefits when applied to conductor rail solutions. Firstly, 100% of the stainless-steel strip is efficient, meaning it can be fully worn down to 0mm without any monitoring. A further benefit of the coextruded process is that there is no delamination of stainless-steel strip even if it becomes partially worn. These benefits add lifetime value to the railway through reliability and maintenance savings.

Pandrol takes pride in its history, expertise and commitment to quality. All components supplied are tested in in-house testing facilities and in external laboratories for specific test requirements. All tests are performed in accordance to Third Rail System technical specification, calculation notes results and international standards. To ensure a smooth and efficient installation, Pandrol supported the project by delivering installation, maintenance training and supervision on site.

Solutions Provider

Pandrol’s technical team often work with customers during the construction of metro lines because of the specific site challenges. As a complete solutions provider, Pandrol can offer the design, manufacture and implementation of fastenings, welding, equipment and electrification technologies, and can provide its renowned technical support in all these areas.