UK Rail Research and Innovation Conference, Birmingham

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Pandrol will attend the 2nd Annual UKRRIN Conference for rail innovation activities with this year’s theme focusing on: Diversity, skills and talent to build UK Rail capabilities.

What is UKRRIN?

The UK Rail Research and Innovation Network (UKRRIN) is a powerful collaboration between academia and industry in rail, which aims to provide a step-change in rail innovation and accelerate the development of new technologies from fundamental research to market applications globally.

Why should I attend?

GB rail is facing a period of uncertainty however, people and goods continue to be moved via the railways. It is paramount that we work together to put our customers first and keep innovating to deliver. To do this, we need to make the short-term changes and advancements which help us to achieve our long-term goals.

This means being ready and willing to generate new ideas, adapt and take fresh approaches to challenges, understanding how these can lead to significant change.

UKRRIN aims to do just that by bringing together world-class academics and key industry partners in a more strategic and focused way, to turn novel ideas into new innovations for the railway.

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