Future-proof non-ballasted tracks with Pandrol’s new Common Interface System

Pandrol is delighted to announce the launch of the Common Interface System; a new solution designed to future-proof non-ballasted track.

The Common Interface System, as its name suggests, provides a common connection point for a range of different direct and indirect fastening assemblies. A common base accommodates three different fastenings: FCA, DFC and Vanguard. As a result, when noise and vibration mitigation requirements differ along a stretch of track or change in future, rather than having to modify or replace the whole track, the fastening system can simply be swapped out.

A standard kit of components is fitted into the sleepers or pre-cast concrete slab to create the Common Interface footprint to accommodate any of the Pandrol Common Interface Fastening Systems.

  • Significant financial savings and minimising disruption to rail network by replacing the fastening system only, instead of the whole track.
  • Reduced cost of sleeper or slab factory tooling.
  • The Common Interface System offers all the advantages of a double resilience baseplate system in terms of safety, reliability, and durability.

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