Pandrol Launches New Range Of Rail Cutting Discs To Improve Productivity And Reduce Costs

Global engineering company, Pandrol, has launched a new range of rail cutting discs specifically designed to solve the day-to-day challenges that rail maintenance teams face when cutting rail track.

As rail track technology continues to make major advances to cope with increasing axle weight and tonnage, the steel used for tracks has become purer and harder. This, combined with high levels of carbon, manganese and silicon and the heat treatment used in manufacturing, has made cutting operations increasingly challenging.

The new range of Pandrol rail cutting discs has been specifically designed to improve productivity when cutting rails, reducing the total cost of maintenance, making the cutting operation safer and reducing the environmental impact by creating less scrap.

The rail cutting discs are available in three specifications – Alox, Zirconia and Ceramic – all of which are compatible with Pandrol’s HC 355 Rail Saw to deliver fast, accurate and safe cutting of rail profiles and grades.

  • Pandrol Alox is made from aluminium oxide and enables operators to complete one to two welds before changing the disc and is suitable for use in all applications.
  • Pandrol Zirconia rail cutting discs are the next step up from the Alox design. Made of zirconia they last twice as long as the Pandrol Alox disc and deliver greater efficiencies due to less time spent changing discs. Like the Alox, it is suitable for all applications.
  • Pandrol Ceramic rail cutting discs offer best-in-class technology, cutting more efficiently and lasting longer than any other rail cutting disc on the market today. Made from ceramic grains, it reduces the exposure to vibration for the operator and offers high-speed cutting and less grinding, which presents significant time savings.

Commenting on the launch of the new market-leading cutting discs, Maria Nilsson, Head of Product Line, said: “At Pandrol we believe in quality above all else – a commitment that stretches from our products to the service we provide. As track technology continues to evolve so to must the tools that rail maintenance teams have at their disposal to effectively and efficiently carry out operations, very often in time sensitive situations.

“Pandrol’s range of rail cutting discs has been designed for ease of use, durability and effective and efficient cutting. All three models in the range have a longer life than other products on the market, which reduces the number of discs needed; saving time and money.”