Pandrol training academy launches new module for arc welding repair

Global rail welding and infrastructure specialist Pandrol, has launched a new ARC welding repair module at their flagship training academy in Raismes, France.  

Launched this year, the new ARC module qualifies track welders in ARC welding repair, a specialist process used for crossings.  

The Pandrol Training Academy in Raismes, France, launched 3 years ago and is Pandrol’s flagship training academy for welding. There has been a training centre on the Raismes site for over 30 years where over 200 welders are certified each year.  

The Pandrol Training Academy leads a network of Pandrol welding training centres around world. Any welder trained in a Pandrol training centre receives the same certificate from Pandrol. 

Nicolas Chevalier, Head of the Pandrol Training Academy said

“At the training centre we have internal and external tracks to provide a classroom environment and replicate on-track conditions with all welding is completed outside. In addition to standard track there is a third rail dedicated track and this year has seen the installation of a crossing for the training of ARC repair.”