Supporting the fight against Covid-19

During the first wave of the pandemic, colleagues in Plymouth, UK, led the way in developing a mechanised breathing aid which, unlike a ventilator, can be used without invasive intubation. The device pushes a steady flow of oxygen into the lungs via a face mask while the patient is conscious.

The breathing aid can be made from easily sourced materials, such as car windscreen wiper motors. An open source manufacturing pack is available, including AutoCad drawings, a bill of materials and a component parts list.

Colleagues at Pandrol Rahee in India are now looking to make an initial 500 units in response to the current serious shortage of ventilators in their country. It is fantastic to see our technical knowledge and skills being put to such good use.

In addition, colleagues from Raipur, co-ordinated by HR Director Anand Shukla, have donated five life-saving Philips ventilators to the local authorities.

Thanks to colleagues everywhere for their efforts as we continue to fight the pandemic.