Rail Fastenings Systems


The SEE-SD fastening system is a plastic baseplate version of the SD fastening system, which is designed to be embedded into fresh concrete or by wet-pour methods.

The rail fastening is designed to provide adequate resilience (stiffness) to attenuate the concrete slab and provide large vertical adjustments to the rail position. The system provides a lightweight solution for handling and installation and can be pre-assembled for use with automatic baseplate laying equipment.


Technical Features

  • SEE-SD provides vertical height adjustment of +30 mm, and lateral adjustment of +/- 5 mm
  • The SEE-SD, with it's GS dowel ø25 mm is suitable for insertion into fresh concrete
  • The GS coachscrew provides a large acceptable torque range of between 250 and 400 Nm. Toe load is achieved automatically once the screw is tightened to contact
  • SEE-SD baseplates can be installed into fresh concrete, using innovative slab track construction techniques. The top-down wet-pour method is also supported


  • Vents and channels that optimize the flow of concrete during insertion ensures excellent resistance to lateral forces. The Pandrol air evacuation system prevents trapped air under the baseplate
  • The lightweight and compact design of the SEE-SD system composite material baseplates support cost-effective construction for light rail and metro infrastructures
  • The GS dowel provides more efficient load transfer to the concrete
Rail Fastenings Systems