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Ferro-Tech, France







Number of welds

Customer Challenge

Data collection for welding work in France can be a real challenge due to the high standards and volume of data required by the French network. Traceability is key, with temperatures and times needing to be recorded, plus many other metrics. This means that the paperwork is often time-consuming and can be very complicated to manage with paper. The Pandrol Connect app digitises this process, streamlining the work and improving accuracy. All of this makes the app hugely attractive to the French market.

Ferro-Tech is a welding company with an appetite for innovation and a desire to digitise their welding process. They wanted to have oversight of the welds made on track, control quality, improve traceability and gain a complete picture of their welding operations. Ferro-Tech aspired to be the first to use this kind of application in the market. Pandrol Connect helped them to make this a reality.

As an established welding operator familiar with Pandrol’s welding products, Ferro-Tech wanted to digitise their data and move away from using paper. Their innovative culture along with their desire to embrace efficient new technologies meant they were quick to adopt Pandrol Connect.

Pandrol Solution

Pandrol presented the Pandrol Connect app to Ferro-Tech and then worked with them to deliver a fully customised app, modifying it to their bespoke specifications. An account was created for the manager and separate accounts were added for the welders.

The Pandrol Connect app can be fully customised to meet clients’ needs. After Ferro-Tech started using the app, it became apparent that some adjustments and features were needed. Ferro-Tech and Pandrol worked together to deliver these. Now the app is running smoothly and the welders use it for all their welds.

Ferro-Tech is the first external customer to adopt Pandrol Connect and they are extremely pleased with the service the app gives them. Some welding companies can be put off from switching to a digital traceability solution due to concerns that they wouldn’t have time to invest in a new tool, but this customer’s technology-focused mindset meant that the adoption wasn’t questioned. Ferro-Tech found the app to be extremely easy to use. Training only had to be given to one team member, the manager, and in turn, they were able to train the other welders.

Sébastien Doucet, the CEO of Ferro-Tech, praised the app: “I was immediately interested in the prospect of using this innovative technology. I announced the app to my team and told them that usage was mandatory. That was key to a successful adoption. The welders used the app and immediately saw how much easier it was. Our business has always been interested in technology and we knew that digitising our process would save us time and resources.”

Pandrol Connect

Pandrol Connect is a mobile app designed to support aluminothermic welders through the weld process, capture live data about the weld, save time and improve the traceability of welds for contractors and rail network operators.

Pandrol Connect


The adoption of Pandrol Connect by Ferro-Tech has been hugely successful. A total of four welders now have accounts and 3,000+ welds have been completed since February 2020.

In fact, Pandrol Connect has been so effective that Ferro-Tech now wishes to use it for further areas of the business. Two months ago, Ferro-Tech contacted Pandrol about using the app to monitor their stock and manage storage. In order to achieve this, the existing functionality within the app can be programmed to show the relevant results. Once live, Ferro-Tech will have a holistic understanding and transparency of the entire working operation.

In the meantime, Ferro-Tech continues to use Pandrol Connect for all welding output. The app is now an integral part of their everyday solutions.

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