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Common Interface

A forward-looking solution for non-ballasted track!


We are delighted to launch our new solution designed to future-proof non-ballasted track, the Common Interface. Pandrol’s Common Interface has been designed to futureproof non-ballasted track.

A standard kit of components are fitted into the sleepers or pre-cast concrete slab to create the Common Interface footprint to accommodate any of the Pandrol Common Interface Fastening Systems.

Common Interface

The Common Interface System, as its name suggests, provides a common connection point for a range of different direct and indirect fastening assemblies.

  • A common base accommodates three different fastenings: FCA, DFC and Vanguard.
  • When noise and vibration mitigation requirements change, rather than having to modify or replace the whole track, the fastening system can simply be swapped out.

Advantages of the Common Interface


Cost effective

Significant financial savings and minimising disruption to rail network by replacing the fastening system only, instead of the whole track.


Safe, reliable and durable

The Common Interface System offers all the advantages of a double resilience baseplate system in terms of safety, reliability and durability.


Easy installation and maintenance

It is designed for ease of installation and maintenance, a wide range of vertical and lateral adjustments can be achieved.


Insulated and corrosion protected

The system provides full electrical insulation and corrosion protection (when specified) and is available in low toe load and zero longitudinal restraint (ZLR) configurations that are suitable for bridge and viaduct applications.



Reduced cost of sleeper or slab factory tooling.

FAQ about the Common Interface

How does the Pandrol Common Interface system work?

The Pandrol Common Interface system consists of a standard kit of threaded dowel and a construction plate that fit into a moulded recess in the concrete surface when pre-casting the sleeper or slab track.  These are the common interface parts and they remain in-place for each of the fastening systems and are the common connection between the pre-cast concrete and the fastening system assemblies.

Is the Pandrol Common Interface system available with the FE fastening system?

No, currently the Pandrol FASTCLIP solution available is FASTCLIP FC.

Are the FCA, DFC and Vanguard assemblies the only fastening systems available for the Pandrol Common Interface system?

Currently yes.  However, Pandrol are working to develop SD threaded fastening system assemblies to work with this same Pandrol Common Interface system.  Look out for future announcements.

Is the Pandrol Common Interface system compatible with top-down construction methods?

No, the Pandrol Common Interface system is not currently compatible with top-down construction, however, Pandrol is looking at this as a future development opportunity for the Common Interface system, if required.  Please contact Pandrol for further information.

Is the pre-cast concrete sleeper or slab the same for each of the fastening assemblies across the range of Pandrol Common Interface system?

Yes. Pandrol will supply a standard kit of parts that need to be moulded into and fitted on the pre-cast concrete sleeper or slab. All of the concrete profiles are the same.

What is the assembly stiffness of the different fastening assemblies across the Pandrol Common Interface system range?

This depends on the track conditions and each of the FCA, DFC and Vanguard assemblies can be adapted to provide different assembly stiffnesses, however, as a guide:

  • FCA – static stiffness >40kN/mm (depending on CEN track category
  • DFC – static stiffness 16-25kN/mm (depending on CEN track category)
  • Vanguard – static stiffness 5kN/mm (depending on CEN track category)

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