Pandrol secures contract with Dhaka Metro

Pandrol, global leader in rail infrastructure solutions, has secured a significant new contract with Larsen and Toubro to provide rail fastening solutions for Line 6 of the Dhaka Metro in Bangladesh.

Line 6 is the first Metro system in Bangladesh, and will be subjected to intense usage with little time for day to day maintenance. For the projected traffic up to 2051, the metro system is expected to carry an average of 27 Gross Million Tonnes annually per line. The line will have 16 stations and stretches a distance of 18.9km from Uttara North Station to Motjiheel station in the South. The track will comprise 43 km of ballastless track on the line and 19 km of ballasted track in the depot. Construction began in August 2017 and is expected will take three years to complete.

The contract will involve Pandrol supplying fastening solutions to 138,760 rail seats which includes a two bolt VIPA DRS. The VIPA DRS fastening system incorporates an e-Clip baseplate mounted on a studded rubber pad, which provides resilience. It is ideal for applications where vibration mitigation is required. The clip specified is the e2007AV system, which is a heavy duty fastening that offers durability and long life. The e2007AV clips will be supplied with a sherardized anti corrosion coating and complemented with a electrostatic thermal powder coated finish.

Pandrol’s fastening systems were chosen due to the company’s track record in supplying fastening systems to leading Metros around the world and to Bangladesh Railways, where the resilience of the system and high corrosion protection on the clips has been adopted as a tried and trusted solution.

Michael Grimoldby, Sales Engineer at Pandrol, explains: “We are pleased to have secured another significant contract to supply our rail fasteners to this new Metro line. Our solutions are being widely recognised for their reduced maintenance application for projects in major towns and cities. The customer also recognised that we offer a reduced inventory as we provide common components which can be used on both ballasted and mainline assemblies.”

Pandrol’s solutions are developed within an ISO 9001 certified quality management system and the company is committed to sustainable operations that benefit customers, communities and the environment.