Retractable Catenary

Pandrol’s Retractable Catenary is a clever removable rigid catenary system designed to ease and secure maintenance operations on rolling stocks.

Retractable Catenary product overview

Retractable Catenary is designed for any rolling stock equipped with pantograph, our safe system interlocks with a range of existing maintenance depot equipment, including disconnectors, walkways, bridge-cranes, doors, signalling equipment and lifting platforms.

  • The option to retract the overhead catenary system allows for safe maintenance and free access to the vehicle roof, creating space and allowing the train to be lifted for bogie inspection and maintenance.

Benefits of the Retractable Catenary


Easy maintenance

Unlike traditional rigid catenary, Pandrol’s Retractable Catenary allows free access to the train roof, enabling a full range of maintenance operations.


Enhanced safety

The system is extremely safe to use thanks to safety features such as an emergency stop, alarm and maximum usage controls.


Money saving

The easy-to-use control panel enables the quick, efficient retraction of the catenary, saving time and labour costs by increasing ease of maintenance.


Easily operated

The aluminium and steel components and simplicity of Pandrol’s Retractable Catenary make it easy to maintain.



Solutions can be tailor made for each depot and cost-effectiveness is increased by adaptability with flexible catenary and compatibility with existing equipment.


Straightforward solution

The Retractable Catenary system is supported by Pandrol’s full range of services, including design and engineering, testing, on-site training, on-site supervision and maintenance. This makes it a complete, straightforward solution for rolling stock workshop maintenance.

Technical features of Retractable Catenary


Aluminium bars and plates

The rigid catenary is made up of aluminium bars, assembled with junction clamps (splices).


Swivelling arms

The swivelling arms enable the simple and safe retraction of the catenary. In the standard version, the steel arms are available in lengths of up to 6m and installed maximum every 12m. Motorised and mechanical options are available.


Fully retractable

The catenary can be retracted to create a safe, free space above the vehicle. This enables the vehicle to be lifted, facilitating bogie maintenance or safe access to the roof.


Control panel

The system is operated using a control panel with three user levels, a touch panel, buttons, and installation, operation/maintenance indicators.


Compatibility with existing equipment

The retractable system interlocks with existing equipment such as disconnectors, walkways, bridge-cranes, doors, signalling equipment and lifting platforms.


Safety features

Pandrol’s Retractable Catenary comes equipped with a range of safety features, including an access code, emergency stop, alarm, maximum time for usage
and sensors.

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