10th February 2021 How to set up a Head Wash Repair weld in 6 steps

Head Wash Repair

Pandrol are a world leader in Head Wash Repair welding, which is a cost-effective and efficient solution to repairing railhead defects and significantly decreasing the maintenance cost of modern rail networks. The process has been well established and used in the USA and Canada since 2008, the UK since 2013, and France from 2015, with specific refinements to the process for local rail profiles and network standards.

The process has been designed for repairing defects with a width between 25 mm and 90 mm, and a depth of 25 mm (depending on the rail profile). It can also be used to repair flash butt welds, which often suffer from squats. The HWR process is highly efficient compared to using plug rail, as it reduces the number of welds from two to one, offering a significant reduction in time and maintenance costs.

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