Signalling Equipment

Rapid Fit Frames

Utilising our extensive experience with mounting beams, we have developed a range of rapid fit frames for use with our modular AWS magnets.

The frames can be configured for single, double or triple magnet installations and are easily installed on a wide range of rail fastening and sleeper designs. The system comprises of glass-reinforced plastic beams fitted over and around the existing rail fixing and galvanised steel stringers supporting and securing the AWS Magnets.


Technical Features

  • Can be installed on a wide range of sleeper types and rail fastenings
  • Does not require specialised tools to install or remove
  • Can be retrofitted in existing installations
  • Insulated and vibration resistant to EN50125-3


  • Reduces the need for track possession
  • Removes the need to drill into concrete sleepers
  • High resistance to chemicals and climatic changes
  • Reduces manpower requirement for installation and maintenance
Signalling Equipment

Rapid Fit Frames