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AWS Magnets Series 2

The Pandrol Series 2 AWS Magnets have been completely redesigned to fully comply with the latest Network Rail group standards. Variants available include standard (yellow) and extra-strength (green) permanent magnets, electromagnets and suppressor magnets for 110Vac and 24Vdc infrastructures.

All of the magnets can be fitted using the Pandrol Rapid Fit Frame System, with a typical installation time of 20 minutes for a double magnet assembly. Alternatively, the magnets can be retrofitted to existing legacy frames using fully approved adaptor plates.



Technical Features

  • The Series 2 AWS Magnets’ reliability has been comprehensively tested, including: shock and vibration EN50125-3; IP68 rated (water and dust ingress protection); climatic (DEF-STAN 00-35 Part 4). Mean time between failure (MTBF) values are in excess of 114 years for the 24Vdc units and in excess of 76 years for the 110Vac units
  • The Series AWS Magnets are installed using Pandrol Vortok Rapid Fit Frames (PA05/04606), including all single, double and triple bay frames. Modular plug coupling is used and the magnets’ flat baseplate design means that no ballast needs to be removed
  • Lifting frames (062/006895) are available to facilitate safe manual handling. The magnets are 20-30kg lighter than legacy magnets


  • Quick and simplified installation thanks to the Series 2 AWS Magnets’ modular plug coupling, flat baseplate design and compatibility with Rapid Fit Frames. This saves operator time and significantly reduces possession time
  • The range of variants available makes the magnets flexible and appropriate for use in diverse applications
  • As the units are fully sealed, minimal maintenance is required
  • An optimised magnetic field shape increases the magnets’ efficiency and removes the risk of return field detection
Signalling Equipment

AWS Magnets Series 2


  • Standard Strength Magnet
    Standard Strength Magnet

  • Extra Strength  Magnet
    Extra Strength Magnet