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AWS Magnets Series 2

The Pandrol Series 2 AWS Magnets have been completely redesigned to fully comply with the latest Network Rail group standards.



AWS Magnets Series 2 product overview

All of the magnets can be fitted using the Pandrol Rapid Fit Frame System, with a typical installation time of 20 minutes for a double magnet assembly.

  • The magnets can be retrofitted to existing legacy frames using fully approved adaptor plates
  • Variants available include standard (yellow) and extra-strength (green) permanent magnets, electromagnets and suppressor magnets for 110Vac and 24Vdc infrastructures

Benefits of the AWS Magnets Series 2


Time saving

Quick and simplified installation thanks to the Series 2 AWS Magnets’ modular plug coupling, flat baseplate design and compatibility with Rapid Fit Frames. This saves operator time and significantly reduces possession time.



The range of variants available makes the magnets flexible and appropriate for use in diverse applications.



The magnets’ flat baseplate design enables their use within slab-track environments.


Low maintenance

As the units are fully sealed, minimal maintenance is required.



The Series 2 AWS Magnets’ light weight and compatibility with lifting frames make them easier to handle and move than legacy magnets.



An optimised magnetic field shape increases the magnets’ efficiency and removes the risk of return field detection.

Technical features of AWS Magnets Series 2


Reduced power consumption and current draw

Interlocking to GE Magnet AWS units enables direct drive, without the need for relays. In addition, YE and YS magnets can be driven without relays.


Optimised magnetic field shape

The magnetic field shape has been designed to meet requirements and remove the risk of return field detection.


Quick installation

The Series 2 AWS Magnets are installed using Pandrol Rapid Fit Frames (PA05/04606), including all single, double and triple bay frames. Modular plug coupling is used and the magnets’ flat baseplate design means that no ballast needs to be removed.


Ease of handling

Lifting frames (062/006895) are available to facilitate safe manual handling. The magnets are 20-30kg lighter than legacy magnets.


Range of designs

Suppressor, Electro and Permanent are variants available in either standard or extra strength.


Network Rail compliance

The Series 2 AWS Magnets are fully compliant to the latest Network Rail requirements (GE/RT8075). This includes flux density compliance: at input voltage from 88V (132Vac for 110Vac units); at input voltage from 18V (30Vdc for 24Vdc units); across the ambient temperature range, -20°C to 40°C.


Proven reliability

The Series 2 AWS Magnets’ reliability has been comprehensively tested, including: shock and vibration EN50125-3; IP68 rated (water and dust ingress protection); climatic (DEF-STAN 00-35 Part 4). Mean time between failure (MTBF) values are in excess of 114 years for the 24Vdc units and in excess of 76 years for the 110Vac units.

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