Rail Welding Equipment

Light Profile Grinder RPLE

The Light Profile Grinder RPLE is part of Pandrol’s range of grinding equipment that is designed to maximise the life of the track across all rail heads and profiles.

Light Profile Grinder RPLE product overview

The Light Profile Grinder is a precision grinder used to complete the final stages of profile grinding on the rail head after aluminothermic or flash-butt welding.

  • It has been specifically designed to allow very accurate adjustments, so that the whole rail head top can be perfectly restored in a single operation.
  • Two vertical rollers, seated on the rails can be used to ensure a perfect rail profile copy in every position.
  • When it is not in use, a quick collapsible supported seated on one sleeper maintains the grinder steadily on the rail.

Benefits of the Light Profile Grinder RPLE


Reduced work time

The distance between the guiding rollers helps the operator to quickly achieving grinding tolerances, resulting in a significant reduction in working time.


Increased accuracy

The extremely accurate, easy grinding wheel adjustment makes human error much less likely.


Time saving

The grinding of the whole rail profile can take place in one operation, saving time and money.


Easily operated

The machine’s light weight and compact size make it easy to move and use.


Increased safety

The grinder is safe to use, equipped with an emergency stop button.


Environmentally friendly

The Light Profile Grinder RPLE is environmentally friendly, because the electric engine can be connected to the electrical grid, avoiding carbon emissions.

Technical features of the Light Profile Grinder RPLE


Cup grinding wheel

The Light Profile Grinder has a cup grinding wheel with a central sunk nut. This allows accurate adjustment of the grinding stone of 0.08mm per increment.



The grinding wheel rotates at a speed of 6,500rpm.


Dimensions and weight

The machine is compact and light, weighing just 35kg. With handle, its dimensions are 1360mm x 455mm x 800–1000mm.


Vibration and noise level

The machine vibrates at 9 m/s2. Acoustic pressure noise level is 93 dB (A). Acoustic power noise level is 106 dB (A).


Reference grinding plan

There is a wide distance – 1300mm – between the rail guiding rollers.



For safety, an emergency stop is located on the machine.

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