Rail Welding Equipment

Precision-Grinder E-115-GDR

The Pandrol Precision-Grinder E-115-GDR is designed to grind aluminothermic welds made on guide rails with precision and ease.

Precision-Grinder E-115-GDR product overview

The ergonomic machine is self-supported on the rail thanks to its six insulated rollers. Its flexible design allows the user to adjust the grinder in any direction with ease.

  • Driven by a reliable 2.6kw electrical motor mounted on a two-axis adjustment system, the machine offers powerful precision grinding.

Benefits of the Precision-Grinder E-115-GDR


Increased quality

The Precision-Grinder E-115-GDR’s ergonomic design enables the user to grind aluminothermic welds with minimal effort and to focus on the quality of the grinding.


Fully guided

Because the grinding is fully guided and assisted by rollers, the rail’s profile is always followed.


Low maintenance

The electric motor is extremely reliable, significantly reducing maintenance costs.


Reduces costs

A standard grinding wheel can be mounted on the grinder, reducing the cost of consumables.



The electrical protection provided by the circuit breaker ensures the user’s safety during operation.


Reduced damage risk

Precision adjustment of the grinder gives the operator close control of the grinding depth, reducing the risk of damage to the rail.

Technical features of Precision-Grinder E-115-GDR


Electrical protection

The Precision-Grinder E-115-GDR is equipped with a voltmeter circuit breaker, preventing the grinder from restarting automatically in the event of a power outage during operations.


Powerful motor

The machine is equipped with a powerful 2.6kw electric motor that is known for its reliability and is ideal for rough grinding operations in track environments.


Adjustable, insulated guiding rollers

The Precision-Grinder E-115-GDR’s guiding rollers are adjustable and insulated, allowing it to operate on most common guide rails, including HEB60–160 and BG44


Precise axis adjustment

The grinder is equipped with two adjustment systems: one that allows the machine to move up and down, and another, more precise, that allows it to move back and forth. This enables close control of the depth of the grinding, preventing any damage to the rail during use.


Ergonomic design

The Precision-Grinder E-115-GDR’s light, ergonomic design makes it efficient and safe to use.

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