Rail Welding Equipment

HC 355 Rail Saw

The HC 355 Rail Disc Saw ensures fast and accurate cutting of all rail profiles and grades. Its ergonomic design and rail clamp allows the saw to balance, preventing physical strain on the operator.

The rail saw’s support arm is equipped with a tightening jaw, ensuring a quick and rigid fixing on the rail. It supports and guides the saw, guaranteeing high-quality cutting that is perfectly perpendicular to the rail. The machine is equipped with a safety device that prevents sawing operation without the support arm.

The HC 355 is compatible with the full range of Pandrol cutting discs.

Technical Features

  • Supplied with a 3-position rail clamp arm, which supports the saw and guides the cutting process. The saw is reversable and can be positioned both the inside and outside of the track without dismantling
  • Available with three disk sizes: Ø305 (12’’), Ø355 (14’’) and Ø406 (16’’)
  • A Poly-V Belt 4PK gas engine provides a high-power transmission rate


  • Compatible with all rail types including vignole rails, grooved rails, gantry-crane rails and metro guide-bars
  • Built-in electrical safety device: the saw will only start when mounted upon the rail-clamped arm
  • All weight is carried by the clamp, meaning operation is stress free with minimal push or pull effort
  • Easy to setup and quick to install by hand screwing

Key Facts

General information
Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 900 x 260 x 400 mm
Engine type 2-stroke petrol engine
Power 5.8 KW @ 8,400 rpm
Fuel consumption 1.25 liters for 6 cuts
Accuracy Less than 1.5 mm
Cutting time Less than 90 sec
Disc sizes
HC 305 305 mm / 12"
HC 355 355 mm / 14"
HC 406 406 mm / 16"
Rail Welding Equipment

HC 355 Rail Saw