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Sleeper Replacer SB40

The SB40 facilitates sleeper change for smaller carrier machines weighing 8 – 12 ton which are equipped with a permanently fitted tilt rotator. This lightweight version of the SB60 provides the same cost-effective and safety-orientated solution, designed specifically for smaller carrier machines.

The SB40 is compatible with most types of sleepers and is available in various track gauges to provide maximum flexibility. It can also be combined with our Auto Master Clipping Attachment, for swift and safe installation of Pandrol Fastclip FC or Fastclip FE on new sleepers.

Technical Features

  • Lightweight compact design
  • Compatible with most types of sleepers and a range of track gauges
  • A single attachment digs out, removes and replaces the sleeper to improve productivity
  • Can be tilted and rotated to allow maximum flexibility when replacing sleepers


  • Suitable for smaller carrier machines due to its light weight
  • Can be equipped with the Automaster attachment for installation of Pandrol Fastclip FC or FE
  • Redundant sleepers are removed from site easily and efficiently to leave a clear and tidy work site
  • Reduced manpower on track improves safety

Key Facts

Technical data
Weight 416 kg
Height 1000 mm
Width 1635 mm
Width blade 2578 mm
Clamp force 6000 kg
Track Equipment

Sleeper Replacer SB40

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