NABLA Evolution

NABLA Evolution is a fastening system designed to ensure simple installation and maintenance. The system has enhanced performed when used on tracks with tight radius curves, and significantly increases the life expectancy of assembly components by maintaining the track gauge.

The system has been largely used in tram applications, for ballasted track or slab track with concrete sleepers. It offers improved electrical insulation and lateral force absorption. The unique use of glass-reinforced material in the lateral insulator also offers increased mechanical strength.

Tekniska funktioner

  • The system’s coach screw provides a large acceptable torque range of between 250 and 400 Nm
  • Toe load is achieved automatically once the screw is tightened to contact


  • Enhanced lateral restraint in curves compared to standard systems due to the insulator and bush combination
  • The NABLA GS dowel transfers loads to the concrete efficiently
  • Higher electrical insulation than standard NABLA systems
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NABLA Evolution