Rail Fastenings Systems

PR Clip

The original Pandrol fastening, the PR Clip has stood the test of time due to its geometric design and ease of installation.

PR Clip product overview

Redefining the industry standard in the 1950s, millions of these systems are still in service across many of today’s rail networks.

  • The PR clip is driven parallel to the rail and its time-proven design offers a strong, resilient solution that delivers effective longitudinal restraint.

Benefits of the PR Clip


Enhanced resistance

Provides excellent resistance to rail rollover


Easily manoeuvred

Easily installed manually or mechanically, reducing track construction times

Technical features of the PR Clip


Enhanced clamp force

Provides a clamping force of 2,000 pounds



Suitable for wood and concrete ties as well as slab track applications


High quality

Made from high quality spring steel bar stock

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