Rail Fastenings Systems


Porttech is an indirect baseplate fastening designed specifically for crane applications. It offers a robust, reliable solution for heavy-duty operating environments, particularly in maritime locations.

The Porttech fastening system features a wide range of fine rail adjustment in a compact assembly.  A baseplate with lateral restraining features is anchored securely to the base structure, while the rail is clamped down by applying torque to independent screws. The rail is encased by a thermoplastic pad underneath and insulator pieces under the clamp components, to provide electrical isolation.

Porttech is available in a range of design variations to suit different civil structures.

Technical Features

  • Porttech can be adjusted vertically by undoing the rail clamp screws, lifting the rail in situ, and sliding shims with slots under the rail pad. Further vertical adjustment can be done in the same way under the baseplate.
  • Lateral adjustment is achieved by moving the serrated slots of the baseplate along the fixed anchor points. These are intentionally installed offset, to maximise the range by spinning the baseplate through 180 degrees
  • Porttech has been designed with a particularly low profile for a fastening system.
  • Electrical isolation is provided by a thermoplastic pad underneath the rail and insulator pieces under the clamp components
  • The assemblies can be delivered to site as captive units
  • Porttech fastening assemblies can be supplied with or without cast-iron baseplates.


  • Porttech can be vertically adjusted to accommodate any settlement or rail wear without compromising the integrity or compact nature of the fastening assembly. Vertical adjustment is simple and safe.
  • A large degree of lateral adjustment provides flexibility when there is heavy wear of the rail heads, and this is achieved without the need for any additional components.
  • Porttech’s compact design and low profile ensure that the fastening does not interfere with the crane’s moving parts at wheel level.
  • Inspection and maintenance are quick and easy because all of Porttech’s components are visible. No special hand tools are needed
  • The pre-assembled baseplate units reduce installation time and ensure efficient maintenance – particularly important in a busy port environment
  • Design variations without baseplates are ideal for use with lighter cranes on concrete or steel base structures, increasing Porttech’s versatility.
Rail Fastenings Systems