Rail Fastenings Systems

Safelok I

Safelok I is a heavy-haul fastening system that provides positive and lasting rail alignment on concrete ties under the most severe operating conditions.

The result is reduced track maintenance and extended track life. The wide, double-leg design of the cast-in-shoulder reduces stresses within the concrete tie, while at the same time providing high pull-out resistance.


Technical Features

  • Electrical resistance up to 5 kΩ
  • Safelok I consists of a clip, shoulder, pad and insulator
  • We can provide a rail pad to suit your attenuation requirements
  • A long-reach variation is available for installations that require a fastening that extends half an inch further on the rail base and generates a slightly higher toe load


  • Maintains its load-bearing capacity even after years of operation, thanks to the use of alloy spring steel
  • Gauge-holding qualities are excellent under the harshest conditions
  • Installation is quick and easy using either hand tools or automated equipment
  • Maintenance removal and refitting is easily done with hand tools
Rail Fastenings Systems

Safelok I