Rail Fastenings Systems

TR System

The TR System is designed to provide an effective Theft Resistant solution for new or existing sleepers and baseplates.

The TR feature is engineered between the e-Clip toe and insulator, with or without an additional cast spacer. The system can be installed on sleepers originally designed for PR- and e-Clips, and does not require a purpose-designed shoulder.


Technical Features

  • Can be installed on new or existing sleepers made for PR- and e-Clips
  • The TR System does not require any special feature on the cast shoulder
  • The Theft Resistant feature is based on interaction between the toe of the e-clip and the insulator (with/without a cast spacer)


  • Gives all the benefits and assurance of the well known and highly regarded e-Clip
  • Provides an effective means of deterring fastening theft
  • A cost-effective approach to reducing theft in high-risk sections of track
Rail Fastenings Systems

TR System