Track Measurement and Analysis

Ultrasonic Rail Testing

Pandrol’s ultrasonic rail testing uses high pitched waves to identify defects in the rail. A full track inspection service is available, which provides an exhaustive report of the location, characteristics and urgency of all defects.

Pandrol also sells a variety of ultrasonic testing equipment along with comprehensive training tailored to your infrastructure, delivered by certified inspectors. Our range of ultrasonic equipment includes both manual and motorised inspection tools, which can be operated at up to 20 km per hour.


Technical Features

  • Conventional probes or new Phased Array technology available
  • Designed, built and calibrated by Pandrol’s ultrasonic experts
  • The development team are certified in level III Non-Destructive Testing, and work with a European Committee member for the elaboration of new standards
  • Accredited by French railways


  • Detailed analysis of all elements of the track (rail, bonded insulating seals, switches and crossings)
  • Ultrasonic testing is one of the safest and most reliable solutions to effectively analysing your track condition
Track Measurement and Analysis

Ultrasonic Rail Testing


  • Walking stick
    Walking stick

    Inspect a single rail at 1 km/h

  • Bifil trolley
    Bifil trolley

    Inspect both rails at 2 km/h

  • Motorised version
    Motorised version

    Inspect both rails 20 km/h