Rail Fastenings Systems


The DEE SD is a double-stage elastic fastening system designed to reduce structure-borne noise and vibrations produced by rail and wheel contact. The system is optimised for slab track and is suitable for tramway and metro applications.

DEE SD baseplates can be installed in into fresh dry concrete, using innovative slab track construction techniques. The top-down wet pour method is also supported. Our unique air evacuation system prevents the occurrence of trapped air under the baseplate.

Technical Features

  • DEE SD is compliant with EN Standard 13481-5 categories A and B
  • Suitable for all track construction types
  • DEE SD provides vertical height adjustment of +20 mm, and lateral adjustment of +/- 5 mm
  • Vertical stiffness is typically 25 kN/mm, providing reduced noise and vibration transmission


  • The system is delivered completely preassembled, from anchoring dowels to fastenings
  • Can be dismantled for inspection and maintenance purposes, and can also be modified in-situ for stiffness adjustment where required
  • The lightweight and compact nature of DEE SD composite material baseplates support cost-effective construction for tram LRT and metro infrastructures
Rail Fastenings Systems