Aluminothermic Welding

AutoSeal® Moulds

AutoSeal® moulds are Pandrol’s newest aluminothermic welding innovation that streamlines the welding process.

The built-in felt expands during the preheating phase of welding, creating a tight seal between the mould and rail. This completely removes the need for luting with paste or sand, whilst preventing welding leaks. They are the world’s first self-sealing moulds and bring numerous benefits including faster welding speeds, enhanced welder ergonomics, increased reliability, and reduced waste.

This new technology has been developed by our welding experts and is compatible with all existing rail types. AutoSeal® moulds are recommended for the most demanding rail networks, meeting the needs of short possession times and high safety standards.

Technical Features

  • Excess moisture can escape more easily during the preheating process, increasing reliability and reducing defect rates
  • Sealing is more reliable, particularly when used in environments where luting is difficult such as in cold weather or tight spaces


  • Improves the wellbeing of the welder with less time spent kneeling, and removes the pressure of luting correctly
  • Significant time savings of 5-10 minutes per weld, as the sealing of the mould is automatic
  • Reduces plastic waste whilst removing the production and transportation of luting materials, making welding more environmentally friendly
Aluminothermic Welding

AutoSeal® Moulds