Rail Fastenings Systems


VIPA SP is a high performance two-pad, two-plate system providing a wide range of applications for concrete, timber and slab track forms.

A resilient track support system developed to attenuate the wheel/rail contact-induced vibrations, which are transferred from the rail to the supporting structure. VIPA SP is a low-stiffness assembly with high levels of vibration isolation, as well as high vertical and lateral adjustment.

Technical Features

  • For use on non-ballasted tracks (slab tracks)
  • VIPA SP assemblies can be installed on timber, steel and concrete supporting structures
  • Low toe load and zero longitudinal restraint (ZLR) options are available for use on structures
  • 2-hole offset and 4-hole versions are available. The 2-hole offset baseplate is designed for medium axle loads and high speed. The 4-hole baseplate is designed for higher axle loads and tight curves
  • 2-part baseplate system suitable for top-down construction, wet-pour construction, pre-cast concrete and fixing directly to bridge decks


  • Intended for applications where very good vibration reduction is required
  • Designed for long life - all parts are fully accessible and replaceable, enabling repair that does not require replacement of the complete unit
  • Provides exceptionally wide adjustment, typically between +/- 15 mm lateral per baseplate, and +30 mm vertical
  • Features double electrical insulation - the rail is insulated from the top plate, and the top plate is insulated from the baseplate by the rubber pads, bushes and line insulators
  • VIPA SP products are supplied to track sites as fully assembled units
Rail Fastenings Systems