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Impact Wrench Master 35

The powerful and portable Pandrol impact wrench MASTER 35 is the perfect partner for busy track teams.

Impact Wrench Master 35 product overview

Designed to screw/unscrew all types of bolts and drill holes in wooden sleepers, this high-efficiency tool is powered by a specially designed engine that ensures accurate, quick, reliable operation.

  • Compact and lightweight, the MASTER 35 features five torque settings and has been engineered to be easy and intuitive to use.
  • It comes in one piece and is fitted with a double handle that minimises vibrations during operation.
  • As an innovative additional safety feature, the carrying trolley also comes fully equipped with insulated rollers to prevent all forms of electrical transference.

Benefits of the Impact Wrench Master 35



Powerful engine renowned for reliability and durability.



Class-leading operating speed, leading to greater track side efficiencies.


Increased mobility

Lightweight for easy, one-person use.


Easily operated

No air compressor, generators or power packs required.


Ergonomically efficient

Noise and vibration levels minimised by a unique double handle design.


Increased safety

Fully insulated trolley rollers for additional electrical protection.

Technical features of the Impact Wrench Master 35


Dual handle design

The MASTER 35’s innovative dual handle design helps to significantly reduce vibration, ensuring a more user-friendly experience for track teams and reducing down time caused by operating discomfort.


Lightweight performance

This design of the MASTER 35 draws on our decades of track side experience and has been specifically constructed to combine lightweight convenience with powerful performance.


Ergonomic design

The wrench’s extended reach means that it can be operated at track level while the trigger and handles are in a comfortable, efficient position for the user. The tool has been designed to have anti-vibration properties.

This unique combination means that it is easy to lift on and off the trolley and can be used more effectively & efficiently than alternative tools.


Insulated rollers

The trolley of the MASTER 35 has been equipped with fully insulated rollers to prevent the risk of electrical incidents and maximise operational safety for track teams.


Portable power

The MASTER 35’s powerful engine has been configured to deliver class-leading performance, making the screwing and unscrewing fast and efficient, even when components are rusted.


Dual functionality

The MASTER 35 is a double use impact wrench designed both for screwing/unscrewing all bolts from 16 to 32mm diameter and also drilling holes of varying sizes in wooden sleepers.

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