Rail Fastenings Systems

Re System

Pandrol’s Re System replaces the e-Clip, but with faster installation times and less maintenance.

The Pandrol Re System has a reduced number of loose components when compared to a traditional e-Clip equivalent resulting in faster clip, pad/insulator installation times during track refurbishments. The Pandrol Re System adopts two-part insulator technology and integrated insulator/pad manufacturing to provide extended life to components.

In 2018, the Re System for the F40 sleeper type in the UK won the award for Technical Innovation Excellence in the Rail Business Awards. This latest version of the Re System introduced a curvature to the pad which created a funnel effect to make it easier and more effective to guide the rail into the correct position.

Technical Features

  • The system is supplied with toe insulators already in place on the toe of the clip
  • Suitable for use on concrete and steel sleepers
  • Suitable for use on light rail, metro, general main line, high speed and heavy axle loads
  • Can be installed on new or existing Pandrol e-Clip or PR clip concrete sleepers
  • The system can be installed on steel sleepers, baseplates and turnouts


  • Faster clip, pad and insulator installation times during track refurbishments, due to a reduced number of loose components when compared to a traditional e-Clip equivalent
  • The design improves rail threading and clipping rates and this leads directly to a reduced manpower requirement on re-railing sites
  • Separating the insulator into two parts leads to greatly extended component life for these vital elements of the rail fastening assembly
  • Improves the durability of the rail fastening components installed on older types of concrete or steel sleepers
Rail Fastenings Systems

Re System