Rail Welding Equipment


Pandrol developed the WEL-D’STRESS® hammer to improve the fatigue resistance of aluminothermic welds.

WEL-D’STRESS® Hammer product overview

The WEL-D’STRESS® system introduces residual stresses of compression and prevents the appearance of fatigue stains when traffic is intense.

  • The hammering procedure involves using the hammer for one minute from the web/head connection to the tip of the foot on either side of the collar
  • When traffic is heavy, fractures can occur in welds in sensitive areas within six months of welding
  • The life expectancy of welds in high-traffic areas is identical to that of the rail.

Benefits of the WEL-D’STRESS® Hammer


Increases track longevity

Using the WEL-D’STRESS® hammer results in a very significant increase in the length of time before an aluminothermic weld shows signs of fatigue.


Low maintenance

Less maintenance is needed – the life expectancy of welds in high traffic areas is identical to that of the rail.


Value for money

As a result, maintenance costs are reduced and the system offers optimised life cycle cost (LCC).


Increased availability

There is increased availability of the infrastructure.


Easy installation

The WEL-D’STRESS® hammer is easy to transport and use.



The equipment is efficient and effective for welding on all types of rail and very high traffic networks.

Technical features


Pneumatic system

The WEL-D’STRESS® hammer is a pneumatic system.


Usable with cold and hot welding

WEL-D’STRESS® can be used with aluminothermic welds from ambient temperature up to 300°C maximum.


Designed for ease of use

The equipment has been designed to be extremely easy and intuitive to use.


Compact size

The kit is compact and easy to carry. It comes in a strong case, certified IP67.



The WEL-D’STRESS® hammer can be used on all types of rail and very high traffic networks. This includes heavy haul lines and intense urban traffic networks, such as RER and Metro.

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