Rail Welding Equipment

Rail Stressor TR75

The Rail Stressor TR75 has been designed for the stress relief or replacement of continuous welded rails (CWRs).

Rail Stressor TR75 product overview

It is used during maintenance works to stretch long welded rails before aluminothermic welding and to secure the tensioned rail while cutting. It is capable of joining and maintaining a constant gap between the two rail ends.

  • Fitted with a hydraulic power unit and an integrated hand pump, the Rail Stressor TR75 is flexible enough for use in any rail setting, including tunnels and urban areas
  • It has gained SNCF homologation (Nr DEO 19280)

Advantages of the Rail Stressor TR75


Reduces downtime

The Rail Stressor TR75 can be set up under the rail without obstructing the rolling surface. As a result, trains and vehicles can keep circulating, significantly reducing track downtime.



The equipment can also be installed more quickly, depending on the type of rail, above the rail head, providing versatility where speed of set-up is the priority.


Resource efficient

Designed for ease of use, the Rail Stressor can be installed and operated by just two people, making it resource efficient.


Enhanced security

The hydraulic pumps increase the stretching force gradually, helping to ensure safe operations.


Increased security

The addition of the hand pump allows for accurate and safe adjustment of the rail over the last few centimetres.


Increased flexibility

The hand pump provides flexibility for using the Rail Stressor TR75 in environments that require zero gas emission or noise limitations, for example tunnels and urban areas.

Technical features of Rail Stressor TR75


Powerful engine

The Rail Stressor TR75 is fitted with a four-stroke engine that produces power of 2.2 kw at 3,600 rpm. The engine’s petrol tank has a capacity of 1.2 litres and the oil tank capacity is 0.4 litres.


Hydraulic system

Two-speed pumps adjust the flow and pressure automatically, depending on the required force. The hydraulic unit has an oil tank capacity of 15 litres.


Hand pump

A hand pump is integrated into the hydraulic power unit. This acts as a backup system and is useful for accurate adjustment of the rail over the last few centimetres and releasing the hydraulic pressure in the hoses. It also enables the Rail Stressor TR75 to be used in environments where zero gas emissions or noise limitations are needed. The Rail Stressor TR75 can be powered by a gas powered hydraulic unit with integrated hand pump or a separate hand pump unit.


Clamping arrangement

Four clamps are positioned on the web of the rail. During the tension phase, the clamps gradually increase the grip on the rail.


Designed for ease of use

The Rail Stressor can be set up by two people and has a yoke and pin assembly for ease of installation. Only two operators are needed to use the equipment.


Adjustable stroke

The length of the rail stressor is adjustable thanks to its 3 different of rods which come in a range of sizes: 1.80 metres, 1.20 meters, insulated and adjustable tie rods at 1.20 meters, which can be quickly mounted and changed to adapt the machine to any kind of situation.

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