Rail Welding Equipment

Rail Stressor TR75

The Rail Stressor TR75 has been designed for the stress relief or replacement of continuous welded rails (CWRs). It is used during maintenance works to stretch long welded rails before aluminothermic welding and to secure the tensioned rail while cutting. It is capable of joining and maintaining a constant gap between the two rail ends.

Fitted with a hydraulic power unit and an integrated hand pump, the Rail Stressor TR75 is flexible enough for use in any rail setting, including tunnels and urban areas. It has gained SNCF homologation (Nr DEO 19280).

Technical Features

  • Two-speed pumps adjust the flow and pressure automatically, depending on the required force
  • A hand pump is integrated into the hydraulic power unit, acting as a backup system and is useful for accurate adjustment of the rail over the last few centimetres and releasing the hydraulic pressure in the hoses
  • It can be used in environments where zero gas emissions or noise limitations are needed
  • Four clamps are positioned on the web of the rail which gradually increase the grip on the rail during the tension phase
  • The Rail Stressor can be set up and operated by two people
  • The length of the stressor is adjustable thanks to its 3 different of rods


  • It can be set up under the rail without obstruction, meaning trains and vehicles can keep circulating, significantly reducing track downtime
  • The equipment can be installed quickly above the rail head, making it ideal in situations where speed of set-up is a priority
  • The hydraulic pumps increase the stretching force gradually, helping to ensure safe operations
  • The addition of the hand pump allows for accurate and safe adjustment of the rail over the last few centimetres
  • The hand pump provides flexibility for using the Rail Stressor TR75 in environments that require zero gas emission or noise limitations

Key Facts

Technical specifications
Pulling force 70 tons
Cylinders stroke 380 mm
Petrol tank capacity 1.2 litre
Oil tank capacity 0.40 litre
Rod lengths 1.2 m, 1.2 m (adjustable), 1.8 m
Type 4 strokes engine HONDA GX100
Power 2.2 Kw (3cv) at 3600 rpm
Petrol tank capacity 1.2 litre
Oil tank capacity 0.40 litre
Hydraulic unit
Calibrated pressure 580 bar
Oil type Hydraulic oil HVC32
Oil tank capacity 15 litres
Motorized pump flow 6l / min. and 0.5 l / min (point of reverse 50 bar)
Hand pump flow 120 cm3 and 4,6 cm3 (point of reverse 22 bar)
Flow/pressure adjustment Automatic
Hand pump
Flow 120 cm3 per stroke (maximum pressure 14 bar) 46 cm3 per stroke (maximum pressure 560 bar)
Flow/pressure adjustment Automatic
Rail Welding Equipment

Rail Stressor TR75